About Clave de Fá

       Initially, the band was formed by Cynara Casé (Double Bass) and Isabella Andrade (Voice), according to a video released on the “Over The Rainbown” Youtube channel in 2016, aiming at a different concept in the market: Bass & Voice. In 2017, the band had their first lineup, with Cynara Casé (bass), Bella Andrade (vocals and ukelele), Yan Bastos (drums and vocals) and Jazziel Leite (sax / clarinet). This year were released the clips "Rock in Bossa" and "Fly me to the moon". The band's current lineup includes Cynara Casé, Bella Andrade, Yan Bastos, Anderson Galindo (sax) and Neris Rodrigues (trombone). Check out our newest teaser now:

       Therefore, from 2017, the Clave de Fá performed in several important events and festivals in the state of Pernambuco. The band's curriculum includes shows, festivals, weddings and a number of important social events in the Pernambuco circuit, such as Borsoi Café Club (Fifth Ordinary Project, 2017), Ekaut Frevo & Jazz Festival, Gravatá Jazz Festival (preview at Barito Fondue Restaurant, 2018), Mensch Magazine (2017), Northeast Globe Digital Media Award (2017), Innovation Meeting (2017), Famiglia Giuliano (Weddings), Adroaldo Tapetes (2017), Dona Santa (Ruby Club Launch, 2017), Cafe da Moeda (2018) and Summerville Beach Resort (2017) (Porto de Galinhas), Emporio Nova Raiz Jazz Club (2017), and various party houses and hotels throughout the state.

       Among our works, we have the album “Rock in Bossa” on Spotify, which contains some of the songs played in his current show of the same name, besides the Youtube channel, with the videos already mentioned above. Its influence and reference are independent artists such as Deborah and Dani Gurgel, Taryn Spielman, Rosa Marya Colin, Marostica Fi, and the acclaimed Tom Jobim, Roberto Menescal, Stan Getz, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, Esperanza Espalding.


Cynara Casé


Anderson Galindo


Yacauã Bastos

(bateria, washboard e vocal)

Isabella Andrade

(vocal e ukulele)

Neris Rodrigues