Learning Trail

Clave de Fá believes in developing the skills of its musicians, which goes beyond the technical knowledge and skills of their musical instruments.

A music career is only effective when we align talent with (self) management, because talent without management is just entertainment.


Given this, we seek to develop our musicians within a systemic approach through the Learning Trails.


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The results of applying the Competency Learning Paths within Corporate Education represent an integrated, innovative and effective development strategy that provides the professional with continuous learning through multiple forms of improvement.

Apollo LIVE #23 | Clave de Fá


Over the Rainbow (2016)

It was our first studio recorded song.

Bass: Cynara Casé

Voice: Isabella Andrade

Production / location: Mobile Studio

Audio: Emerson Andrade and Rodrigo Lemos Video: Lucas Rodrigues and Tony Pezão


Show Rock'n Bossa (2017)

The purpose of the band is to bring originality in arrangements and interpretation.


The repertoire is composed of bossa nova rhythm rock classics, with passages and jazz quotes, as well as bringing good surprises to the public.

Fly me to the moon (2017)

Version of the Clave de Fá Project for a hit show classic, recorded live at Mobile Studio.


Cynara Casé (Bass) | Isabella Andrade (Voice and Ukelele) | Jazziel Leite (Clarinet) | Yacauã Bastos (Voice and drums)

Production / Audio: Emerson Andrade (Mobile Studio)

Filming: Prod360

Entrevista Revista Mensch (2017)

"Nice music to listen to, with a repertoire that brings blues, jazz and rock classics with a more romantic tone and copyright arrangements, this is the initial proposal of the young band Clave de Fá."